Keavo Standard

Scheduled delivery date. The best option to achieve balance between rapidity and economy.

Plan and manage your shipments with scheduled delivery date. Is the best choice when you are trying to achieve balance between rapidity and the best conditions for your shipment.

A service adapted to all kind of customers not requiring special needs.

Discover the best way to make your shipments in the best conditions.

Keavo Economy

Is a door to door delivery service anywhere in the world with a transit time of 2 to 6 days.

If you are searching for international shipments where the bottom line is the economy, our International Economy Service is the best option.

With a transit within 2 to 6 days, we offer you a door to door service, from and to any part of the world with the best conditions.

Making any kind of shipment (envelopes and packages) anywhere in the world has never been as easy and cheap as Keavo.

Keavo Express

When you need an express delivery it means that punctuality and time are primary.

There are shipments that require special treatment. That is why Express delivery service in the best option when time and punctuality are important.

Our great experience in the sector with the ability to carry out with our costumers specifications, has taken us to perform different services.

Discover how we can help you.

Keavo Priority

A reliable express service, time-defined, customs-cleared and door to door service delivery to worldwide package.

With our International Priority service, you will be able to make your shioments anywhere in the world, ensuring the best delivery.

The service includes customs clearance and free pick-up, with door to door service.

When you need a reliable international service and short delivery deadlines, International Priority is your best alternative.